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Where do I stop and you begin

The Feel, The Itch, the sneeze, the see Annapanna  Nosejob

This is the song for Eva. Written byOliver Farrell,  Stoi Stoi and me on the waters of the Whanganui River in New Zealand.  A river wich actually has a legal identity  since this summer so I should mention him/her? in the credits.  If you see Eva ask her about her kingdom.

The moment I found out I had a pen in my bag after 10 days of Vipassana meditation, no talking, no nothing.  4 meters of drawing shit on paper

That day in Ubud, Indonesia, when I was hiding for people in my bathroom
Model: Stoi.stoi  in New Zealand
What I miss about europe and civilization (being stuck in the outback of Ozzy with nothing but red dirt between my legs)
 Voor het grote verjaardagsfeest van mijn schone zuster en ik op 10-10-10 maakte ik deze knallertrailert